Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Reveal with Sketchabilities...

Sadly this will be my last reveal with Sketchabilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as part of the Design Team and I am truly thankful for the creativity the sketches have inspired! Be sure to continue to check out the blog for wonderful sketches and layouts! Best wishes to the new team.
For this layout I chose to feature some more casual photos of my family from this past Christmas. Every year we stand in front of the Christmas tree and take a photo, usually when we're dressed up and ready to head out for Christmas Eve mass, but not this time.
Funny how now that the "kids" are adults the Christmas tree is hardly even visible, especially when my brother stands right in front - lol!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrapping in Buffalo with Debby Schuh!

On the first weekend of March, Veronica and I headed out to Buffalo for a fun weekend! When we told border security that we were headed into the US to attend a scrapbooking class, the young officer said with a straight face, "I don't believe you." Somehow he came around, and we were on our merry way!

Our first stop was at Hobby Lobby, where I picked up some Thickers for 50% off. Our cashier was very friendly and Veronica was convinced that he would have given us anything in the store for 50% off and I think she was right!!! LOL!

Next we headed over to the Walden Galleria for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Funny enough we did not indulge in any cheesecake, but we opted for some very delicious salads!!! Refueled and ready to go, we hit the mall, stopping in all of our favourite stores and some that just caught our attention!

We then headed over to Joann's - how could we resist when all scrapping supplies were 40% off?! After picking up just a few things, we met up with Veronica's friend, Kelly, and checked into our hotel for the evening, printed out some coupons for the Coach Factory Store and headed over to see what was new! Some of us, who shall remain nameless, may have made a purchase there - lol!

Then it was over to the Olive Garden for dinner, where we definitely ate too much! Why did they ever take the Olive Garden away from us in Canada??? It is delicious!

After a long day's work - haha - it was back to the hotel for some rest. The next morning we headed to The Pancake House for breakfast as it was highly recommended by Kelly. The pancakes were delicious, but it was a lot of food! Good thing we didn't order the Apple Baked Pancake (that was the size of a cake, no word of a lie) or the omlettes (that looked like they were made with a dozen eggs each) that some of the tables around us had ordered! I don't think we would have had a chance of finishing the meal if we had.

We had some extra time before we needed to head over to our class, so we headed to another mall, Michael's and Walmart to see if we could find anything interesting. At the mall, we inadvertendly joined the walking club as none of the stores were opened yet - good way to burn some of those pancake calories.

We were very excited when we finally arrived at Buffalo Stamps & Stuff for our class with Debby Schuh! We arrived early so we could browse the store before the class started. In class, we created a beautiful travel album made from an Anthropolgie bag. Learning from Debby Schuh was a delightful treat! We learned some great new techniques that I'm sure we'll use again and again! Check out Debby's blog to see photos of the album we created. It was a great weekend!