Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Day!

My photo today is of Obama's Inauguration - well a picture of my computer showing the massive event. We tried to watch the live video feed from work today, but had no luck likely due to the number of people trying to do the exact same thing around the world. We ended up gathering around my phone to hear the introductions, swearing in and speeches - thanks Brian for holding your cell phone up to the TV at home so we could all share in the experience. We witnessed history in the making today... one of those days that when someone asks you where you were or what you were doing during Obama's Inauguration 10 years from now, you'll remember exactly. Just like you likely remember exactly what you were doing when you found out about Princess Diana's death or the tragedies of 9/11. This day, however, is one filled with much hope for the future of America. Obama, all eyes are on you, and much hope rests on you for positive change in our world!

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