Monday, June 8, 2009

Apparently life caught up with me... (AND pics from the Bahmas)

So I've been living "the life" lately - travelling the world, staying up late, maintaining my 'chi' and, well, trying to make the best of everyday life. But sadly, life caught up with me on Saturday night and I got the flu. Couldn't sleep all Saturday night and could do nothing but sleep all Sunday. I was really bummed out - I hate getting sick and I was so pumped to spend the weekend at the cottage relaxing, reading and scrapbooking. All I could do was sleep - oh well! What can you do?

So instead on focusing on the weekend, I'd rather share a few memories and some favourite photos from our trip to Bahamas. Travelling with 11 women (including me) proved to be both thrilling & fun, although I must admit we did have a few challenges.

The challenges...

  • getting 11 women in the same place at the same time... and ready to go - LOL!

  • delayed flights... we were so happy to get going!

  • our flooded hotel... which did get us free massages (thanks to Jen's skillful negotiating)!!!
The thrills...
  • swimming in our bar clothes becuase we didn't feel like getting changed!

  • riding the banana boat led by George the "shark" and seeing a billion fish (sorry Tania)!

  • getting into the 'local' club!!!

  • watching the birthday girl perfect her acrobatic skills - way to go Kelly!!!

The fun...
  • the Dollar wine - every night (you're listening to it now)!

  • doubling as Atlantis guests - the tour, the aquarium, the shopping!

  • avoiding getting beaten by the heel of Jen's shoe (sorry, inside joke for those who weren't there)

  • Blue Ballz, Melon Ballz, Dirty Banana - these are all names of specialty drinks - just in case you weren't aware!


I hope we created memories you'll never forget!


Veronica said...

um, you forgot to mention YOUR fabulous room mate!!! LMAO. and what about the slippers and the Charcoal... we had a fun time dispite the challenges!

Karan said...

awh samantha...looks like you had an awesome time..aside from the few minor details, lol...thanks for sharing your pics with me...i love looking at other peoples photos..

Bunny said...

Just have to say that you have such BEAUTIFUL friends and especially your roomate. Looks like you had a fun time. Happy for you all and hope that Kelly had a great day on her birthday. Hugs to all.