Thursday, June 4, 2009

So much catching up to do...

I have so much catching up to do with blogging and photos...
Got back from Bahamas on Sunday night and then was off to 2SF on Monday night for a great class with Carolyn.

Back to work on Tuesday... which was a little shock to the body... I think I was meant to be independently wealthy and spend my life travelling, crafting and playing.

For those who asked to see some more pictures from the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon - please click on Grand Canyon Squirrel photo above to see more.

Off to the cottage this weekend, but I hope to post some more pictures from Vegas and Bahamas next week :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Just Michael. said...

Hey, just blog surfing :)

What is this project of yours? Are you not posting up the pictures online. It kinda reminds me of this. I assume you've seen it before.. just reminded me of it.


Veronica said...

I want to come with you, traveling, crafting and playing!!! LOL Dreams come true!!!